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Life Between Lives

This website is dedicated to my practice of Hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration Hypnotherapy.

After many years of working with clients as a body-oriented psychotherapist, I felt impelled to be trained in Life between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL).

After reading Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD, of the Newton Institute (NewtonInstitute.org) I came to the belief that understanding purpose in this lifetime could help the people I was seeing as psychotherapy clients to get perspective on the challenges they have faced; hopefully making it easier to move through them.

For those not facing challenges requiring psychotherapy in this lifetime, I believe the LBL can help with understanding life purpose and cultivating deep compassion.

As a body-oriented psychotherapist, what I love about this work, is that the experience of LBL is felt in the body. Contrary to receiving information from an external source, the work comes from your own superconscious. As such, it has the power to re-organize your internal belief system.

With my training in somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, creative art modalities, and spiritual studies, I am able to help you bridge and integrate experiences from the LBL.

LBL sessions are life-changing events, and last 3-4 hours in length. Preparation is required, and I am happy to offer a free consult to discuss details. As an LBL facilitator, I am excited and humbled to be able to offer this amazing journey.

"I can't tell you how many times I think about or recount details of the 'between-lives' session you did with me-- has had far reaching implications & a seemingly ever-expanding healing ripple effect!! And so many things made even more sense as time went on!  In fact, maybe I'll try to find that recording & give another listen to-- bet I'd get even more fresh insights!" Annie Shur

"I was burdened and wounded with profound loss and grief when I walked into Melanie’s office. She provided a safe atmosphere, facilitated with warmth and professional integrity, so that I was able to relax into hypnosis easily. The most important message I received during my LBL is that my life is on purpose, has purpose and I am fulfilling that purpose. I am much more relaxed and easy about life since my LBL." Susannah Thompson

"I am doing so well, the layers of understanding continue to come for me. I am blown away that I have been able to make shifts in my life that have been blocked until now, and I have plenty to work with for a bit from just that past life regression! The work the guides did on me before I proceeded into that past life set the stage for this deep understanding. That work literally changed my physical and emotional reaction towards my dad. I feel so grateful to you for facilitating this work.

I found it amazing that once I went to the free consultation with you, the money appeared for the session." Dana


To contact Melanie Smithson please call 303-271-7659 or email Melanie@SmithsonClinic.com