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Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Integration

At some point in most adult lives, we begin to ask the questions, ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my life’s purpose?’ We may find clues by paying attention to what we love, what we are passionate about changing, or perhaps by what most pisses us off. For those interested in a direct response to their questions, The Life Between Lives journey (LBL) offers this opportunity.

Journey of Souls, and the follow-up book, Destiny of Souls, give accounts of the spirit world as told to Michael Newton by clients in a deep trance state. During past life regressions, his clients spontaneously started reporting what they were doing after death and before their next incarnation. Before his retirement, Dr. Newton personally facilitated over 7000 LBL clients. After 30 years of facilitating sessions and finding amazing consistency in the information from his clients, Dr. Newton wrote Journey of Souls, sharing his work with the world. In the past 5 years others have been trained in his methodology and now there are LBL therapists around the world.

Dr Newton has recently begun to refer to the work as Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Integration rather than Regression. This change in description is highly appropriate as the actual experience of an LBL does just that, help us to integrate past lives and lessons with our current life and purpose. The Newton Institute surveys show that most LBL clients report the most profound and lasting aspect of their journey was finding their life purpose. An additional benefit for many is experiencing for the first time (in this life) the unconditional and ever-present love that is all there is.

Life Between Lives spiritual integration requires deep trance work and sessions last 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Most individuals are fully capable of attaining the required level of trance. Trance is a natural state of consciousness during which the mind becomes less linear and analytical than in the waking state. The mind is much more receptive to suggestion than usual; and the subconscious becomes more easily accessible. Hypnosis is not something that is done to you; ultimately, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
Hypnotic regression has been used to help individuals access memories and feelings (from this life or past lives) that have not been available to the conscious mind. When used appropriately, regression can have a profound impact on a person’s well-being and outlook on life.

From the Newton Institute Website: “Hypnotic Regression permits access to memories that are not limited to the brief span of time that consciousness has occupied our physical body. These Spiritual Self memories include remembrance of past lives lived and of the experiences and lessons accrued in what has been termed "Between-Life" states. Through hypnosis it is possible to consciously realize that we are spiritual beings occupying human form, not human beings striving to be spiritual.”

During an LBL journey, clients often will meet with their spirit guides to review their most recent past life for lessons and incomplete issues. Many clients will be shown other past lives relevant to their current purpose. Clients may report about how time is spent in the spirit world and/or meeting with their primary soul groups. It is during the time spent with the soul’s individual council that often provides the answers to the questions about life purpose. Some clients will go to the place of life selection, where they get a deeper understanding of why they chose the particular body and life they are occupying. With amazing consistency, LBL clients experience warmth, understanding and compassion; usually much more far-reaching than what they have experienced in a body.

I chose to be trained as an LBL practitioner to speed awakening in my clients and others open to this path. I believe that therapy often fails because we stay at the conscious level (where the ego has a lot to say about what happens) wheras negative self-beliefs and trauma is held in the body and the sub-conscious. Life Between Lives is an incredible modality that bridges mind, body and spirit.

About the Author
Melanie Smithson, MA, ADTR, LPC, CHt is the owner of Smithson Clinic, Inc. an alternative health clinic offering body-oriented psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and bio-energetic medicine. She holds a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, is EMDR certified, and trained in many integrative modalities. Melanie specializes in relationship, grief, trauma, chronic pain, childhood abuse issues, depression and anxiety. To contact Melanie, call 303-271-7659, e-mail Melanie@SmithsonClinic.com or visit http://www.SmithsonClinic.com.